How do I create an update for my asset?


  • I am a Publisher in the Asset Store and I want to create updates for my assets


You may wish your customers to have access to new features or fixes you create.


You will need to create a new submission with the same name as the original asset you want to create the update for, but change the version number.

To create an update of your asset, you need to create a new draft in your publisher dashboard. 

  • First, log in and navigate through the ‘Packages tab’’. There click on ‘Create a new package’
  •     There, fill out the information related to the asset details. You will see in the step 1 “Package detail” the option to change the version number. 

Once done, please fill out the rest of the information and submit the new asset files to the draft. This submission will overwrite the original and users will be able to download it from the Asset Store or the list of purchases in their respective accounts.

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