I get strange behaviors when working with Faces. What's wrong?

  • I am able to test my face scene in the Editor, and when I build this scene to my device, content is flipped or incorrectly scaled from what I saw in the Editor.
  • I built the same face scene to iOS and Android, and the content appears flipped or scaled differently between the two devices.
You are experiencing inconsistent face tracking behavior between mobile operating systems, or between the simulated experience in the Editor and the behavior on-device.
Different mobile operating systems are returning different face tracking data.
Face workflows and content placement do not behave the same on all platforms. This includes geometry being flipped or not correctly matching the size of the matched face.
You may have to create individual variants of your Scene or Prefabs to adjust per OS.
Please report these inconsistencies to the team at so that we can improve consistency between these experiences.
More Information:
The face tracking technology in Editor (using a face tracking provider), on iOS, and on Android are all different tech stacks and have some deviations in supported behavior.
It is not currently possible to run ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android) face tracking directly inside Unity, which is why a separate provider is required for the Editor face tracking experience, and why results may differ between Editor and device.
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