I created a synthetic image marker, and now I cannot move it in the 'Simulation view'

  • I used the ‘Synthetic Image Marker’ button in the MARS Create panel, and the Simulation view moved to show the marker, but I cannot interact with it.
Because of how MARS composites your simulated content on top of the simulated environment, mirroring the compositing that occurs on real AR devices, one of these layers will be active, while the other is in a rendering-only mode, and cannot be selected.
You may have been in ‘Content’ mode in the Simulation when you created the synthetic marker, and now cannot pick it.
To switch which is selectable in 'Simulation view', use the overflow menu (three vertical dots) in the toolbar at the top of the view, and change the ‘Select Type’ dropdown.
To adjust synthetic image markers, set this mode to ‘Environment’.
More Information:
See “I can’t select my content, or I can’t select the environment, in the Simulation view” for more context on this behavior.
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