In 'Simulation view', I can see my content drawing over the environment, even though the content should be behind the environment objects.

  • My content draws on top of the simulated environment.
  • My content is not being occluded correctly by objects in the simulation.
MARS composites your simulated content on top of the simulated environment, mirroring the compositing that occurs on real AR devices.
The visual behavior you are seeing in 'Simulation view' is designed to reflect how the content will be rendered on a real device.
Create occlusion surfaces in your scene most easily by creating Plane Visualizers, either from the MARS Panel Create panel, under Visualizers > Planes visualizer; or in the Hierarchy view, use Create > MARS > Data Visualizers > Plane Visualizer.
These visualizers are set up with occlusion shaders, which will block content from rendering through the surface. This works on device, and also in Simulation view.
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