I selected X condition and cannot see the condition handle right away

  • I clicked the button to adjust a condition’s handles, for example the Plane Size Condition. In the past, I’ve seen a 3D handle in the Scene or Simulation that I can use to change the size property. Now, when I click on the button to adjust the handle, nothing seems to happen.
Handles only draw in the focused view.
Condition tool handles are only visible in the active view and might require a click in the view before becoming interactable.
If you have 'Simulation View' active, and the object you’re inspecting is in the non-simulation Scene, you’ll have to focus the Scene View to see and use the handle.
Since left- clicking into the view may deselect the object and cause the handle to disappear, you can middle- or right- click into the view to focus it without changing selection, or click on the view’s tab / title.
You may also have the simulated version of an object selected and are looking in the Scene view for its handle, or the reverse.
If you are trying to adjust a handle in 'Simulation view', make sure that you have the simulated object selected.
Scene objects are listed in the standard Hierarchy view, and simulated objects are represented in the ‘Content Hierarchy’ panel of the MARS Panel. If you have one version of an object selected, you can switch the selection with the “Select object: In Simulation | In Scene” buttons in the Inspector of the Proxy.
More Information:
MARS Simulation works by copying relevant Scene objects into a separate Scene dedicated to simulation.
Changes to one version of an Object are automatically applied to the other version as well. This copying approach is done so that MARS can reposition and adjust simulated objects without dirtying the Scene, and so that users can adjust objects in the context of a simulated environment, and have those changes reflected in their saved Scene file.
However, it means that you may have the Scene or Simulation copy of an Object selected, and be looking to interact with it in the reverse view (Scene object in Simulation, or Simulation object in Scene).
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