I'm using SRP/URP/HDRP and see a black screen in the Editor Play Mode. What went wrong?

  • I press ‘Play’ in the Editor, and in the Game View, everything is black. 
  • I upgraded my Project to use an SRP (Scriptable Render Pipeline), and I cannot see my content and/or the MARS simulation environment.  
  • I’m experiencing visual problems with my content and/or simulation in the Editor.
  • I am using a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) and I cannot see my content.
You are using a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) and can’t see your content. 
To fix this issue, follow the step below:
Enable the `UseFallbackCompositeRendering` flag in `CompositeRenderModuleOptions` (Project Settings > Composite Render Settings) to combine the AR environment with your Scene, instead of trying to composite it separately.
More Information:
User content and/or MARS simulation environments may appear with a missing material (they are bright pink).
This is because shaders written for the Legacy pipeline are not supported by SRP.
When switching to an SRP, Unity will attempt to convert your existing shaders to a supported shader in that Rendering Pipeline, but not all shaders are supported.
You may have to set up new content or simulation environments with shaders supported by your SRP.
This is different from the Composite Rendering described in ‘Resolution’ and not resolved by adjusting Composite Render settings, but is a related issue.
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