I built my Scene to a device and all I see is a black screen. What went wrong?

  • I created an iOS or Android build from MARS and I only see a black screen on the device.
  • I can see point cloud visualizers I created or some content, but nothing else.
  • I do not see the camera feed.
You are experiencing this issue when trying to test a MARS build on your device.
Build configuration and/or Packages are not set up correctly and you are not sure what to do next.
Seeing a black screen on the device could happen for a number of reasons.
Check the following:
  • You have the ARCore XR Plugin (Android) or ARKit XR Plugin (iOS) installed via Package manager.
  • The FunctionalityInjectionModule in Assets/ModuleLoader/Settings/Resources has a Default Island set, and this defines Default Providers including ARFoundationPlaneProvider, etc. from the AR Foundation Providers package.
  • If you're using SRP/URP/HDRP (Scriptable Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline, or High Definition Render Pipeline), ensure that the AR Background Renderer Feature is added to your SRP configuration (generally onto the ForwardRenderer asset for URP projects).
  • Check the device log using adb logcat or running the app through XCode. Unity logs errors on-screen if you create a development build, but you might miss some warnings.
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