How do I move in Device View?

  • I am in 'Device View' and cannot move the camera or interact.
  • I cannot walk or look around in the Device simulation.
  • The simulation appears to be “stuck”.
The Device View (Simulation View in Device mode) uses 'continuous' simulation, compared to the Simulation View 'instant' behavior.
The ‘Play’ button inside the Device View must be pressed to enable movement and data scanning (“simulated discovery”) behavior.
To move in 'Device View', follow the steps below:
  1. Press the Play button in the View toolbar.
  2. Hold the right mouse button to look around, and move using WASD controls. Use Q and E to lower and raise your height.
This view is intentionally restricted to human-like movement; if you want free camera controls in the simulation scene, switch to the As Scene view type from the 'View' toolbar.
See the UI Overview for more information on Simulation and Device Views.
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