MARS is slow, what can I do?

  • The simulation is laggy or choppy.
  • The Editor is slow while I have MARS features running.
  • Layout and simulation behavior appears correct, but has unexpected performance issues.
  • Performance is fine when I build to device, but slow in the Editor.
You may be running extra debug information in the MARS simulation.
There are extra visualizations performed in the Editor which are not required.
Some debug simulation playback options, such as raycast visualization, greatly affect performance.
To improve performance, disable these options from the Debug Settings window (menu: Project Settings > MARS > Debug Settings).
More Information:
Turning these debug settings and visualizations off will not affect the actual behavior of data (surface) discovery in simulation.
While the settings can help understand how MARS is simulating the behavior of a device, disabling the visuals (for example, visualizing raycasts for plane discovery) does not disable the functionality.
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