I cannot select my content, or I cannot select the environment, in the Simulation view.

  • In 'Simulation view', I am clicking on my content, but it is not being selected. If the content is over simulated environment objects, those are being selected instead.
  • I am trying to adjust objects in the simulated environment, but cannot select them. I can only select my content, not the environment.
Because of how MARS composites your simulated content on top of the simulated environment, mirroring the compositing that occurs on real AR devices, one of these layers will be active, while the other is in a 'rendering-only' mode and cannot be selected.
Only the simulated environment, or the simulated content, are selectable at one time, not both simultaneously.
To switch which is selectable in 'Simulation view', use the overflow menu (three vertical dots) in the toolbar at the top of the view, and change the ‘Select Type’ dropdown.
If that dropdown is set to ‘Content’, you will not be able to select environment objects, and visa-versa.
More Information:
See “In Simulation view, I can see my content drawing over the environment, even though the content should be behind the environment objects” for more context on this behavior.
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