How do I revoke Asset seats?

  • I have assigned an Asset to a team member that no longer needs the Asset, how do I remove their access?
  • A team member has left the company, how do I remove their access to the Organization's paid Assets?
  • A team member has switched Projects and no longer needs access to an Asset.
If you are an 'Owner' of an Organization, you can now assign and revoke entitlement to your Organization's Asset Store purchases. For steps, on how to assign entitlement to an Asset, please see the article 'How do I assign Asset seats'.
To revoke an Asset seat or entitlement:
  • Sign in to your Unity ID.
  • Click 'Organizations' to the left of the screen.
  • Click on the Organization you wish to manage. 
  • Hover over the Asset you want to make changes to to reveal your options.
  • Click 'Manage Seats'. 
  • Click the box to the right of the user you want remove entitlement for.
  • Click the red 'Revoke Seat(s)' 
More Information:
Assigning Asset seats is only available for Assets purchased after May 12th 2020.
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