How can I switch Unity Organizations before making an Asset Store purchase?


  • I am making purchases in the Asset Store, but belong to more than one Unity Organization.
  • I would like to be able to switch my Organization before making an Asset Store purchase.


Many Unity users have a default Unity Organization, that is personal to them, as well as company Organizations. You may need to purchase through a company account to give colleagues access to the assets you buy.


To switch your organization before making an asset purchase:

  • Login to your Unity account on the Asset Store
  • Click on the arrow, next to your account information, in the top right hand corner of your screen
  • You will see a button with the current Unity Organization name and the option to ‘Switch Organization’
  •  Click on this to reveal a drop-down of other available Organizations you can switch to

If you are the Owner of the Unity Organization:

Switching into an Organization will allow you to

  • To view purchase assets for that Organization
  • Approve purchase requests made by your colleagues
  • Manage assets for your Organization
  • Redeem vouchers in the Asset Store checkout page

If you are a user of the Unity Organization:

Switching into an Organization will allow you to

  • View assets
  • Create purchase requests to the Owner/ billable user of your Unity Organization

More Information:

If you are a user in the Unity Organization and do not see the option to create purchase requests, this means that the Owner of your Organization does not have this option enabled yet.

How do I make purchase requests in the Asset Store?

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