How do I create Asset Store credit codes for my employees to use?


  • I am an Owner of an Organization and I want to give Asset Store credit codes to my employees.
  • I am an Owner of an Organization and I want to know how to create Asset Store codes for my employees.


You would like to convert your account’s Asset Store credit balance to credit codes for your employees. This enables them to use credit codes to make purchases on the Asset Store.


Please note: This purchase solution is for Enterprise users only.

To convert the Asset Store credit balance to credit codes:

    1. Sign into your Unity ID .

    2. Click ‘Organizations’ to the left of the screen.

    3. Click the Organization name with the Asset Store credit balance.

    4. Click ‘Asset Store Credit’ to the left side of the screen.

    5. Click ‘Convert it Now’ to access the Convert Credit Code pop-up window.

    6. Enter the value and quantity of credits that you wish to convert into credit codes in the ‘Value’ and ‘Quantity’ fields.

      The value you enter to convert is split equally across the number of codes you purchase.

      Note: Each credit code is uniquely generated and cannot be canceled.
      Please verify your input before you click the Generate codes button.

    7. Once the credit has been converted, you can view the codes in the ‘Credit Codes’ tab.

      Each Credit Code is uniquely generated. For security purposes, this information is hidden by default.

    8. Click the eye icon next to the ‘Code’ column to view the complete code.credits7.png

      If you have not enabled Two Factor Authentication, you will need to do so. Once that is done, you will have the option to see the codes. 

More Information:

Contact your local Sales Team

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