I am seeing the error ‘'Your serial/license is invalid'’ when attempting to activate through the Unity Hub. What does this mean?


  • I would like to activate my license via the Unity Hub, however, I am receiving errors.
  • I am seeing the error message ‘Your serial is Invalid’ when attempting to use Unity.
  • I would like to access the Unity Editor, but I am receiving errors in the Hub.



You may encounter errors when attempting to activate your license in the Unity Hub. Often, this occurs when there is something blocking the activation. For example, a connection problem, an issue updating your operating system,  a change in hardware on a device or, something blocking the connection to our license servers. These events can trick the license file into thinking that the activation limit has been reached, when it has not. 

Each Unity Pro or Plus license can be activated on two different devices at any one time. If you wish to activate on a machine and have already exceeded the allowed activations, you will receive an error message. You can, however, return the activations to free up the license.



If you no longer have access to the machine that your license was activated on, you can return activations made in Unity Editor versions 4.5 and higher via your account page. To do this see the article ‘How do I return activations on my Pro/ Plus license’.

If after completing the above process you still receive an error, then it is likely a connection issue between your machine and our license servers. In which case, please check any firewall/ proxy settings, whitelist URLs and disable any antivirus software.

Failing that, manually activating would be the next process to follow: 

If releasing your activations still does not help you to activate your license, you may be experiencing a conflict with the license file saved on your machine. You will need to delete the existing license files and create a new one:

  1. Delete any files found here: (If the files are hidden, you need to click View and tick the Hidden Items check box.)
    - Windows: C:\ProgramData\Unity
    - Mac: Library/Application Support/Unity
  2. Restart your machine (do not skip this step)
  3. Reactivate your license key following the steps in the article ‘How do I activate my license

If your license is still not activating after troubleshooting the above, please contact Customer Service with your Hub log file so we can take a closer look at your issue. 


More information:

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