I am getting errors in the console when importing an Asset


  • I received a ‘’Failed To Import Package: Could Not Decompress Package’’ error when attempting to import an Asset within the Unity Editor.


This could be caused by a number of things including disk space, directory names, or permissions on the machine you are using.


Does your target disk have enough space to decompress the package?

Create more space on your target disk - you need at least twice the free space of the original package for this to complete properly.

Does your Unity Project or Unity Package exist in a directory with non-English characters in it?

Remove the non-English characters in that directory.

Do you have read\write access to the Unity Package, its parent directory, and your Unity Project’s directory?

Assign yourself read / write permissions to these directories.

Are you sure the download is not corrupt?

Sometimes it can happen that the downloaded file gets corrupted or is incomplete. If you have 7zip installed on your computer (note there are unofficial download options for Mac & Linux as well), you could test this theory by opening the Unity package file on your computer. You can find the package files in the following directory:

Windows - User>AppData>Roaming>Unity>Asset Store-5.x

Mac - User>Library>Unity>Asset Store-5.x

Linux - ~/.local/share/unity3d/Asset Store

If 7zip shows you an error or an empty package when opening it, then the package is corrupt and needs to be re-downloaded. 

To do so, please delete this file and download it again from the Asset Store. We are aware that this sounds like an unlikely solution to this issue, but we see this issue reported about once per week and a simple re-download is often the solution.

In combination with the “corrupt download” issue, we have had reports of security software such as Malwarebytes causing the download corruption. If a simple re-download still results in a corrupt download, it might be worth considering deactivating additional software that might influence/scan downloads during the download until the installation is finished.

More Information:

You can also post your question/error on our Unity Community portal. A lot of people find this useful. Our community is made up of over 2 million users, many of whom use our Forums and Answers pages daily to solve problems such as this.

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