How Do I Change Or Update The Payment Method For My Subscription?


  • I want to update the payment method for my subscription. 
  • I want to change the card/PayPal on my subscription.


In order for subscription payments to be charged successfully, Unity asks you to have a valid payment method tie to the subscription so that subscription will stay active.


If you are the billable user of a Unity Organization, you can use your account settings dashboard to update/add your payment method. Follow these steps:

1. Sign in your account via the website:


2. Go to "Organizations’ tab


3. Click on the Organization you have the subscription under.
4. Click on the subscription that require change/update of payment method.
5. Click on 'Manage payment instrument'.
6. Click on "Add Payment Method" or the pencil button to edit your card details.
Once it's done, save the changes.
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