How can I get a copy of China's Fapiao (Invoice)?


  • I need a General or Special VAT Fapiao for my subscription purchase. 
  • I tried to purchase a Plus/Pro License, but I did not receive the Fapiao request option.
  • I need to get a Fapiao for my Asset Store purchase.


Fapiao requests are not applicable for Asset Store purchases.

The requirements for Fapiao requests are that Plus/Pro license purchases must be paid in CNY currency and the payment made via Alipay or UnionPay Online.


1) Go to our Store page to purchase a Unity Plus/Pro license. You will see the below:


2) Click the 'Subscribe' button for the tier of licensing you wish to purchase.

When you have selected your plan, you will be routed to the checkout page:


3) Click on the number of license seats you require (EG. The number of users that require access to a Unity license)

4) Choose your Payment plan and frequency.

5) Navigate to the bottom right of the check out page. Set your currency to CNY.


6) Click on 'Continue to Purchase'. You will be routed to the below page:


7) Select your Location as 'China Mainland'.  Input your Province, Provide a Chinese Phone number and Input an address in China.

You will then be directed to the Payment page:


8) Select Alipay or UnionPay Online. To get the China Fapiao, you are required to pay by these methods only.

9) Scroll to the 'Collect Fapiao Information' box.


10) Tick 'Collect FaPiao Information'. The Fapiao Information will appear:


11) Select the Fapiao type accordingly. The Fapiao options are shown below:


12) Click 'Pay now'. This action will complete your purchase.

More Information:

The paper Fapiao will be processed and delivered by courier within a period of 45 days upon receiving your Fapiao request.

If you did not receive your Fapiao after 45 days, please contact us here.

If you require a business to business transfer, please contact 


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