Are there any fees involved in Asset Store payouts?


  • I am an Asset Store Publisher
  • I want to know if I will be charged fees for payouts


On the past, while PayPal payouts were free, wire payouts cost a transaction fee to process. Since we have updated to an automated payout system in March 2019, these fees will no longer be charged.


No, PayPal transaction fee is still free.
As of March 2019, Unity will cover the transaction fee for wire transfer, so there will be no fee for that either.

We cannot, however, guarantee that intermediates or receiving banks will not take fees themselves. If you want receive the payment in any currency other than USD, there will be conversion fees from your payout receiver. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

More Information

This information is accurate for the March 2019 payout onwards. February 2019 and prior payouts were not in an automated system and wire payouts were subject to a transaction fee.




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    Sandy Cordova

    How do i cash out to my paypal account after I have reach the cash payout amount of a game played

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