I have been asked to enter a verification code while trying to logging in. Why did I receive this?


  • I do not have Two Factor Authentication on my account but I am still being asked to enter a code and I don't know why


We have implemented a security feature used where we detect unusual login activity on a user's account.

The user is required to enter a six digit confirmation number that is sent to their primary email address. This is to ensure that access to the account is only made by the user and not by someone else (either by account sharing or if the account is compromised).

Users who also use any VPN or Proxy software to mask their location may also receive these confirmation emails as they can confuse the account system into thinking that the user is logging in via a different location, posing a security risk. It is recommended that users do not use this software while using Unity and its services to prevent these verification checks from taking place.

Users who also clear their cookies and cache settings in their browser may also be asked to enter a verification code.


If you are flagged for this security check, you will be informed upon trying to log in of the following message:

"We detected some changes during your login, to give you better security, we have sent a verification code to your login email address. Please input the code below."

Once this is displayed, an email with the subject 'Security Notice - Verification code for Unity ID' will be sent to your inbox containing a six digit code. Enter these digits onto the website and press 'OK'. If entered correctly, the page you were trying to access will appear.

If you would not like to receive these checks on occasion, it is recommend that you add a Two Factor Authentication token to your account as this security process is only enabled on accounts that do not have Two Factor Authentication enabled. Details on how to do this can be found here.


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    Hello Everyone. 

    Derek from Unity Customer Service here.

    If you are having any problems with getting your account verification code, please reach out to

    If you state the address linked to your Unity ID and a step by step of what is going wrong, we can investigate the error.

    All the best. 

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