How do I disable Two Factor Authentication on my account?


  • I would like to remove Two Factor Authentication from my account
  • I have a new mobile device and would like to disable my Two Factor Authentication link with the old device before I add it to my new one.
  • I am planning on changing the email address on my account to a new one and I would like to disable my Two Factor Authentication link with my current e-mail address before I add it to my new one.


Users can remove their Two Factor Authentication token at any time via their account pages. This is particularly useful if you need to swap mobile devices or change the method of which you would like your code to be received by disabling the current token and then assigning a new one in its place.


To disable Two Factor Authentication from your account, please follow the steps below.

1) Log into your account at

2) You'll see an 'Account Security' section half way down the page. Select the 'edit' button to the right of the 'Two Factor Authentication' header.

3) The next page will then show your existing Two Factor Authentication details. To remove these, press either of the buttons shown in the screenshot below. If you just want to change the phone number or authenticator app to a new one, press the pencil icon on the right hand side to do this.


4) Once pressed, a confirmation box will appear which you must press OK for the action to take place.

5) You will return to the main account menu, meaning the process is now complete. An email will be sent to your account to confirm this action.

If you encounter any issues with the above process, please contact Support here.

More Information

For guidance on how to add Two Factor Authentication to your account, please refer to the article here.



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    The real problem is it ask for verification code for any changes to security page once your 2FA is enable, and do not to provide a alternative way for sending code. Once it failed in the case like wrong/changed phone number, lost old phone and etc, this will lock the user out their account. Please continue to upgrade Unity 2FA system, it is very useful but only if it is good enough. 

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