How do I use different versions of the Unity Editor on the same machine?


  • I would like to use more than one version of Unity on the same computer


Developers may want to develop their project on an earlier version of Unity, or test their project on a more recent one to test compatibility or sample new features.


We highly recommend using the Unity Hub software to achieve this, as it includes a simple GUI interface to download the specific releases you require alongside managing your activations and officially supporting custom installation locations.

An alternative to Unity Hub is to download the release you require from our Unity Download Archive and installing the specific version you need that way. However, you may run into potential issues because the different versions that you install may conflict with each other. This is one of the reasons why Unity Hub was developed - so we can create a seamless process for users to manage multiple installations in one place.

More Information

For documentation about how Unity Hub works, please refer to the documentation page here.

More information on the design philosophy of Unity Hub can be found here.

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