How do I change or update the payment method on my account?


  • I want to update my payment method. 
  • I want to change the card/PayPal on my account.
  • I want to add a new payment method to my account.
  • I want to update the card attached to my subscription
  • Payments for my subscription keep failing, how do I add a new card?
  • I want to remove the payment card attached to my subscription


To make purchases from your Unity account such as subscriptions, services or on the Asset Store, Unity asks that you add a valid payment method to complete the order.

You may wish to add or change payment details to make the checkout process easier.


If you are the billable owner of a Unity Organization, you can use your account settings dashboard to update/add your payment method.

If you are updating your payment method on your Unity account:

1. Sign in your account via the website:
2. Click ‘Organizations’ to the left of the screen
3. Click on the Organization that you want to update the Payment instrument 
4. Click ‘Payment Methods’ to the left side of the screen
5. Click on "Add Payment Method" or the pencil button to edit your card details. 
Once it's done, save the changes.

NOTE: If you have not purchased from the store previously, you cannot add a new payment instrument using this method. To do so, proceed to the checkout upon purchase and enter your payment details when prompted.

If you are updating your payment method on your subscription:

  1.  Sign in to your Unity ID at
  2. Click ‘Organizations’ to the left of the screen
  3. Click on the Organization with your subscription attached
  4. Click the cog icon to the right of your subscription payment_method_4.png
  5. Click the ‘Manage payment instrument’ tab

From here, you can update your payment method by clicking the green ‘Update payment method’ button.

NOTE: Payment instruments cannot be removed from an active subscription.

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