What is the minimum rate and the direct booking rate?

Minimum rate

Your minimum rate is your rate-per-minute for any instant request you take where the customer has not requested you personally. All rates are in USD. We only send you requests that are above or at the minimum rate you set. if you set your minimum rate to $1 per minute, Unity Live Help notifies you of all requests that match your skills on the platform. 

Direct booking rate

Your direct booking rate is the rate-per-minute for customers who specifically request you. All rates are in USD. Customers who want to book you for a scheduled session pay this rate. Set a rate that matches what you and your customer are both comfortable with.

This means if a customer has a 1-hour session with you and wants to connect with you again directly, they need to pay you the direct booking rate.

See How can I register with the service? to learn more about setting your minimum and direct booking rates.

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