How do I register as an expert with Unity Live Help?

To become a community expert, you need to fill out and submit the expert registration from. See What are the criteria to be a Community Expert? to learn more about the expert screening process.

Go to the Unity Live Help site and click Become a ExpertIf you are not logged in, Unity Live Help prompts you to log in using your Unity credentials. 


Once you successfully log in you should be able to see the application form. Make sure you provide all of the information required; Unity Live Help uses this information to review your suitability and match you with suitable customers. At the bottom of this article is an attached example of a properly filled-out application form.

At the very top of your form, you can see whether your Unity Connect profile is complete, and a link to your Connect profile. Make sure your profile is at least 80% complete, so that it properly represents your skills and experience to the person who reviews your application. 


Pick your role(s)

We have four roles on Unity Live Help: programmers, artists, designers, and generalists. Choose or more roles that match your skills and expertise.


  • ProgrammerA community expert specializing in scripting and programming.
  • ArtistA community expert specializing in 3D or 2D content.
  • DesignerA community expert specializing in game design areas such as level design, gameplay, and narrative design.
  • Generalist: A community expert with extensive knowledge across Unity

Add your skill tags


Add at least three skill tags that represent your skills and expertise. Below are some examples of possible skill tags:

  • Skills: Programming, Networking, Animation, Rigging, Gameplay Design, 3D Modeling
  • Languages: C#, Javascript, C++
  • Features: Unity 2018, Cinemachine, Mecanim, Collision, Physics, Shaders
  • Platform: VR, AR, PC, Console, Android, Oculus
  • Style: 2D, 3D, Low Poly, Realistic, Stylized
  • Game Type: RPG, FPS, Shooter, Roguelike


Add your preferred language


Add all languages which you are comfortable using to provide help to community members. You should have a good degree of fluency in each language you choose.

Add your years of Unity experience


Choose the option which most accurately represents the amount of Unity experience you have. 

Set your instant request rate


Your minimum rate is your rate-per-minute for any instant request you take where the customer has not requested you personally. All rates are in USD. We only send you requests that are above or at the minimum rate you set. if you set your minimum rate to $1 per minute, Unity Live Help notifies you of all requests that match your skills on the platform. 

Set your direct booking rate


Your direct booking rate is the rate-per-minute for customers who specifically request you. All rates are in USD. Customers who want to book you for a scheduled session pay this rate. Set a rate that matches what you and your customer are both comfortable with.

Submit your application

When Unity Live Help begins accepting applications, open your form, ensure it is complete, and click "Submit". Unity Live Help will contact you within 2 business days about your application.



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