What happens when I accept the request?

When you click AcceptUnity Live Help displays a welcome screen, where you can adjust your microphone and webcam. 


When you are ready, click Start Session to enter a shared virtual workspace for you and your customer. Here you can chat via text or audio, share your screens, collaborate on a shared code editor, and add attachments..


Pause and resume: At any point during the session, you can pause your session with your customer. This pauses the timer. The customer is not charged while your session is paused.

Visual code editor: Your virtual workspace has a shared code editor. You can ask your customer to post snippets of code from their project within this space, so you can both review and collaborate together. You can create multiple tabs within the editor as needed (this is particularly useful if you are working with multiple code snippets.)

Video and voice chat: When you start your first session, Unity Live Chat prompts you to turn on your webcam and microphone. Click the camera icon to toggle your video on and off. Click the microphone button to toggle your microphone on and off.

Text chat: You can also use text chat on the right side of your virtual workspace. Click the Pencil icon to send messages to your customer. Feel free to use any combination of text and audio chat as needed.

Attaching images and files: You and your customer can use the text chat feature to send attachments. Click the Upload icon in your messenger to add attachments. Encourage your customer to send helpful screenshots of the problem they’re trying to resolve, such as bug reports, to help you assess their problem.

Screen sharing: You and your customer can use screen sharing. Encourage your customer to share their screen to help you see their project open in the Unity Editor. To share your screen, click the Screen icon at the bottom right of your virtual workspace.


Setting up screen sharing - If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you need to add an extension to your browser to share your screen. Follow these steps to add the extension while in a session:

  • Click on the Screen icon at the bottom right of your virtual workspace.
  • Unity Live Help displays an Add Screen Share Extension pop-up
  • Click Open Webstore and follow the webstore page instructions to add the extension.
  • Add the extension, then return to the Unity Live Help tab and click Extension Added.
  • Click the Screen icon again to start sharing.



Your time spent in the session is displayed at the top panel of your virtual workspace. As a reminder, all customers are provided a 5 minute grace period for all sessions on the platform. Your 5 minute grace period is over will appear once the grace period has ended.  At this point, the customer can decide to end the session, which means they will not be charged, or they can continue the session which will become a paid session.

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