How do I complete my payout profile?

You must complete your payout profile to ensure uninterrupted monthly payouts.

Payout Personal Information

Click your profile icon and select Switch to Expert Mode to access the expert dashboard.


In the sidebar, click My Earnings, then select the My Profile tab.

image7.pngClick Add your profile. Unity Live Help redirects you to your Unity account.

Add personal information such as your name and address.


Payout method

Unity Live Help supports Paypal as the only method of paying out experts. You need a valid Paypal profile to be paid on the Unity Live Help platform. All payments are made in USD.

Unity Live Help pays you 60 days after your first paid session. Unity live Help makes payments associated with each paid session within 60 days of the end of the corresponding calendar month. Your payout amounts to 70% of the total cost of your session (30% goes to Unity).

When you have complete your profile, Unity Live Help displays a button called Add payment method. Click this to add your PayPal ID.

Tax profile

Click Create button under Payout Tax Info to complete your tax profile.

As a part of your payout profile, Unity Live Help requires you to provide tax information. Follow the instructions provided, which are based on your country of residence. You should complete the tax section of your profile even if you are not a US resident. Unity Live Help cannot pay you unless this information is provided.

Unity Live Help requires a W-8BEN for any non-U.S. resident who receives income from a company but is not an employee.  

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