Do I have to oblige if a client claims a refund?


A customer can request a full refund within 24 hours of completing the session if they are not satisfied. They must give valid reasons; a Unity community manager reviews their refund request, including chat transcripts, video, and any other related material. 

If the reviewer notices abusive behavior from the customer, Unity Live Help reserves the rights to reject the refund claim.

You can dispute a claim if you feel that the claim was unwarranted or that the customer was abusive. Unity reviews each refund dispute, and accepts or rejects refund requests after hearing from both parties. Please note that you should only dispute a refund claim if you feel that it is unwarranted; repeated unwarranted disputes can result in your account being closed.

If you decide not to dispute the claim, or if Unity rejects your dispute, Unity Live Help deducts the the session amount from your earnings.

To dispute a refund claim, click your profile icon and select Switch to Expert Mode to access the expert dashboard.


In the sidebar, select Session History.

image47.pngClick Dispute. Unity Live Help displays a dispute request pop-up.

Enter youre reason for disputing the refund request, and click Submit.

Unity Live Help sends an email notification to let you know whether your dispute has been accepted.


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