What happens once I am connected with an expert?

image38.pngAs soon as you create the request and an expert accepts it ( Read How to post a help request? and How do I get connected with an expert? to know more) you and the expert is take to virtual workspace that offers you all the collaboration tools you need to share you problem in detail and communication tools to interact with expert.  

Click Start Session button to enter the workspace


Once you start the session, you should be able to see the expert. The virtual workspace allows you to audio/video/text chat with the expert, use bi-directional code editor for writing or copy-pasting snippet of code and share you  desktops screens and applications

Each session begins with 5 minutes risk-free grace period. You won't be charged if you end your session within the first five minutes. We recommend you to use this time for the following actions

    • Check whether you can see or hear the expert properly and ask the expert whether s/he can hear and see you.
    • Share your problem in detail with the expert and try to answer any question that the expert has about the problem.

If only you feel confident that the expert can provide you with the right solution proceed with the session.

image50.pngYour time spent in the session and whether the session is within the 5 min is displayed at the top panel of the virtual workspace page.  “Your 5 min grace period is over” popup will appear once you have used up grace period.


Select Continue Session button to proceed for a paid session with the expert or select End button to end the session. Please note that you will be charged for the first five minutes if you decide to proceed for the paid session


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