How do I post a help request?

This article describes the process of placing a request on Unity Live Help, and how to provide the right information to make sure you get an expert with the relevant skills and experience. 

To create a new request, go to the Unity Live Help site and click the Get Live Help button. If you are not logged in, the website displays a login screen. Enter your Unity credentials to log in.


When you are logged in you should see the request form. 



Enter a 50-character request title that describes your problem. Make this as descriptive as you can; experts scan through these and choose the ones that they think they provide a quality solution to. Next, enter a 300 character short description that explains your problem in detail. Ideally, you should include a description of the problem and what you have tried so far. This means you won't have to spend as much time with the expert discussing solutions you have already tried. 

Next, enter the version of the Unity Editor you are using, and attach relevant Editor screenshots or any other images that you think might help describe the problem clearly.


We share this information with experts to help them understand your problem before they accept your request.


Tag your request with the categories you need help with. 


Unity Live Help selects available experts based on the tags you choose, so is very important that you select the correct categories. The more category tags you add, the more likely it is that you can match with a suitable expert. Unity Live help provides a suggestion box pre-filled with frequently used categories. Select the relevant tag from the box. If you don't see your category in the box, start typing it and select it from the drop-down that appears.  

Select the type of expert you are seeking, and the language you would like them to speak.



There are four different expert roles to select from:

  • ProgrammerA community expert specializing in scripting and programming languages.
  • Artist: A community expert specializing in 2D or 3D content. 
  • DesignerA community expert specializing in game design areas such as level design, gameplay, and narrative design.
  • Generalist: A community expert with extensive knowledge across Unity.

Select the language you’d prefer the expert to speak. Unity Live Help only matches you with experts who speak the language you select.


Select the maximum budget that you’d like to spend on the request. All rates are in USD.


You can choose your budget in a price range from $1 per minute to $5 per minute. 

Unity Live Help broadcasts your request to available experts who accept $1/min. If there is no response, the broadcast extends to higher budgets. Unity Live Help does not broadcast your request to experts who accept requests at a rate higher that your maximum budget.

Unity Live Help also displays the number of experts you could reach with your selected maximum budget. If the message displays 0 available experts after your selection, you should either schedule the request (in which case Unity Live Help broadcasts your request to all busy and offline experts to schedule a session some time in the future), or increase your maximum budget.


When you have answered all of the questions in the form, click Find Expert. Unity Live Help searches for all experts who meet your criteria.

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