How do I manage my Unity Live Help Expert portal?

Your expert portal provides access to pending requests, upcoming sessions, closed sessions, and your billing information. This article describes how to accept new requests, manage your preferences, and complete your payout profile.

New Requests

The New Request tab contains all notifications for your available requests, including Instant Requests (which require help immediately) and Scheduled Requests (which are booked for a specific time).


Accepting available requests

For Instant Requests, review the request details and then click "Accept" or "Decline". If you click accept, Unity Live Help places you into a live session with the customer.

For Scheduled Requests, select a meeting time from several times proposed by the customer. Once you’ve accepted a Scheduled Request, you can see your session listed in the Upcoming Sessions tab.

My Preferences

Use the My Preferences tab to modify the settings you submitted as a part of your application, including verification status, role, skills, languages, years of experience, and booking rates.


Session History

Use the Session History tab to view all of the past sessions you’ve completed. You can view chat transcripts, attachments and video recordings for each session you’ve completed.

Managing refunds

You’ll be able to manage all of your refund disputes and claims here.

My Earnings

Use the My Earnings tab to view your earnings by month and manage your payout profile.


  • My Earnings: In this tab you can see a summary of your earnings and sessions for the month. All values are in USD.
  • Session Summary: In this tab you can review information such as number of sessions, refund claims, and refunds you have by month.
  • Transaction Record: In this tab you can list all transactions, which include your earnings for each session as well as any refunds that have been processed.

Completing your payout profile


Before being paid out on the Unity Live Help platform you will need to complete your payout profile which includes billing information, address, and tax information. Make sure to complete this as soon as possible and that this information is 100% accurate to ensure you are paid out correctly and on time.

Session History

The tab marked Session History will provide a comprehensive list of all sessions you’ve conducted on the platform.

Review all your sessions


Under All you can see every single session you’ve had on the platform.

If you click View Details on a specific session, you can view information from that session including a chat transcript, a recording of the session, and attached files from that session such as code snippets and attachments.


Respond to refund requests

In your session history you might see sessions in which a customer has requested a refund. If you want to refute the request, click the Dispute button and provide a summary of your experience during the session.

Unity reaches out to both parties to evaluate a dispute. If your dispute is accepted, you are not charged. If your dispute is rejected, the customer receives a refund and the refund is deducted from your earnings.

If for some reason the issue is neither the expert or customer’s fault, such as a

View all disputed sessions

Under Dispute you can view all sessions in which you’ve disputed a refund claim by a customer. All refund claims and disputes are reviewed by a community manager.

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