How do I set my minimum rate and direct booking rate in Unity Live Help?

With Unity Live Help you can set your own price, so you can earn an amount that you feel matches with your expertise and availability, between $1 to $5 per minute. You can also choose which requests you want, so you can ensure you're spending your time on problems you can help solve.

All rates and payments in Unity Live Help are in USD.

There are two types of requests you can receive: 

  • Instant Requests are on-demand and available for any expert from the community to take
  • Scheduled Requests are sessions that you and the customer book in advance

Setting your rates

Setting your prices is a part of the application process to become an expert. You can modify these later when you sign into your expert portal.

Set your instant request rate


Your instant request rate is your rate-per-minute for any instant request you take. All rates are in USD. We only send you requests that are above or at the minimum rate you set. if you set your minimum rate to $1 per minute, Unity Live Help notifies you of all requests that match your skills on the platform.

If you have a lot of availability and are willing to answer many Unity questions, setting your price lower is $1 allows you to see more opportunities. If you have low availability and want to work on specific, complex problems, set your rate higher.

Set your direct booking rate


Customers who want to book you for a scheduled session pay this rate. All rates are in USD. Set a rate that matches what you and your customer are both comfortable with.

Best practices for setting rates

For the first few weeks as a Unity Live Help expert, set your instant request rate to $1/min to see all matching open requests that come onto the platform. After using the platform for several weeks, you should have a better idea of which price range works better for you based on your skills and experience.

Expert payout

Unity Live Help pays you 60 days after your first paid session. Unity live Help makes payments associated with each paid session within 60 days of the end of the corresponding calendar month. Your payout amounts to 70% of the total cost of your session (30% goes to Unity). All payments are in USD.

5 minute risk-free grace period

All sessions begin with a risk-free 5 grace period in which you and the customer discuss their problem. You are not paid for this time if the session is under 5 minutes. If you and your customer agree to continue the session after 5 minutes, you are paid for the the entire duration of the session.  

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