How does Unity Live Help work?

Instantly match with customers, provide help, and increase your income.

Get paid for using your skills and expertise to help other community members.


This article provides information on how the Unity Live Help platform works.

How it works

  1. Customers come to Unity Live Help to get live help on their Unity projects.

From small tasks to large projects, customers who need immediate help share information about their problems. Unity then shares that information with community experts.


  1. Unity matches community experts with relevant requests, based on their expertise.

As an expert on the Unity Live Help platform, you can see all of the most relevant requests on your expert dashboard based on your role, price, tags, and expertise. You can take any request that matches your skills, at any time. You can either take Instant Requests, which require immediate help, or Scheduled Requests, which you and the user book directly for an agreed time.


  1. Start collaborating in a virtual workspace.

When you match with a customer, you both enter a virtual workspace and spend five minutes discussing and assessing their problem. If both you and your customer agree that you can help them solve their problem, your session converts to a paid session, which  they pay per minute based on the agreed price. All sessions begin with a 5 minute risk-free trial, and Unity Live Help does not charge customers customers unless the session is longer than 5 minutes.

Your virtual workspace has voice chat, text chat, screen sharing, and a visual code editor to ensure easy collaboration. Your customer walks you through their problem, and you work together using these collaboration features to help solve their problem.


  1. Leave a review for your customer and get feedback.

You have an opportunity to review the quality of the session, and to review your customer. Your customer also reviews you based on their overall experience during your session.


When your session ends, you can review your session chat transcript, any files which were attached, and video recording of your session.



  1. Book your next session

Return to your expert portal to take more open requests. Your customer can choose to schedule another session in the future with you.

  1. Get paid.

You should receive payment for your first paid session 60 days after it takes place. Payments associated with each paid session are made within 60 days of the end of the corresponding calendar month. Your payout amounts to 70% of the total cost of your session (the other 30% goes to Unity). All payments are made in USD.

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