Can I redistribute assets that I’ve licensed?


  • I have purchased/ downloaded assets and would like to distribute or resell these.




No.  All asset use must be embedded components of electronic games or digital media.  Physical materials are permitted when they are marketing materials relating to the project. Assets cannot be transferred or traded to other accounts as well.

More Information

Please refer to the Asset Store End User License Agreement for more details.


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    Andrew Gantt

    How about transferring ownership of an asset to another developer? Not as a trade but as a downstream. Because, if not, may I please have a refund for my purchase?

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    Knly Com

    Can I opensource my project with assets that I purchased? Can other people re-distribute my opensource project with the assets I purchased?

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    Alexander Binzberger

    Can I opensource my project on e.g. github with free assets from the asset store?

    If not can I add a auto import file for assets the project depends on (imports assets on project open)?

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