Can I use Asset licenses that I purchase for my freelance development work?


  • I am a freelancer/ contractor
  • I would like to use assets purchased during one contract for work in a different contract


Anyone who hires you to do work must also own a license to any asset which is used in the project.


Yes, you are allowed to use your licenses, but your client must also have a license for each asset.

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    Nathan Schuetz

    The eula makes it sound like a freelancer and company both need the asset license, and that the company alone having one is not enough. Is this true?

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    Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Nathan, 

    Thanks for the comment, 

    Whomever the entity is that is releasing the product which includes assets, they need a license. Here is an example. If company 'A' hires contractor 'B' to make a game, any assets used by contractor 'B' to make the game will need to be purchased by company 'A' if they want to release the game.

    I hope it helps.

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    Nathan Schuetz

    So if the company A hires contractor B, and company A has a license, then contractor B does not need a separate license?

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