If I do not opt-out of discounting, will my asset be “on sale” often?


  • I am an Asset Store Publisher
  • I have opted in to discounting my assets




No. Whenever possible, we will reach out directly if we would like your asset to be included in a sale or promotion.  Our ability to discount assets which do not opt-out will be used for limited, smaller scale promotions where the time required to reach out to Publishers is prohibitive.
"Small" promotions are planned less than 31 days in advance, often with less than a week of time.  These promotions can not last more than 14 days, and we will not include any one asset in more than two of these in a calendar year without asking permission.
For "Large" promotions, such as sales, bundles, and other promotions, we will continue to reach out to you directly if we would like you to participate.  Opting out of sales and promotions will not exclude you from being considered for large promotions and sales.



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