Changes to sign-in for Unity Support

We are changing the way you sign in to

Before the switch: your sign-in credentials (email address and password) are managed by Zendesk, our support backend provider.

After the switch: you will also be able to sign in using your Unity ID. That's the same way you sign in to the Unity Editor and

In the long-term, we will turn off the Zendesk sign-in method, but we will allow time for everyone to switch over.

Why are we making these changes?

There are three main benefits:

  • Consistency across sites
  • Unity ID supports Google and Facebook sign-in already; it makes sense for us to offer this capability
  • By associating your Unity ID with your tickets, we can more easily diagnose your problem without having to ask you for more information

What will happen to my existing Zendesk tickets?

If your Unity ID account is using the same email address as your account in Zendesk, the accounts will automatically be matched and you will be able to view all your past and current tickets.

If your Unity ID account uses a different email address, and you want to have access to the tickets in Zendesk associated with your existing Zendesk account, you can change the email associated with your Zendesk account. Please submit a ticket using the Submit a request button for this, or any related questions.

What if I don't have a Unity ID?

You can create a Unity ID at the following site:

Alternatively, support tickets can be submitted and managed purely by email, via




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