Asset Store Enhancements - Improvements & new features

Sale Sign Up

In the past we’ve managed all sale opt-ins manually. We’re improving this process to let you opt into sales directly within the publisher portal.

  • Possibility for publishers to submit their assets to different sales campaigns within publisher portal
  • Integrated directly in publisher portal
  • Coming soon

Search Improvements

To ensure our community can find what they need to find, we are making changes to the algorithm to improve relevance for searches on the Asset Store.

  • Changed algorithm for improved relevancy in auto-suggestions

Search function in My Assets

Right now finding and navigating through your owned assets can be time intensive. We’re improving this feature to make it easier to find and sort through your assets.

  • We are building a search capability (search box) in My Assets page. So users can search the asset by name among his owned assets.
  • Coming soon
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