Q2 & Q3 2018 Asset Store Sales & Promotions

May Madness Sale

We would like to thank all the publishers who participated in the May Madness Sale.  You helped make the sale our best ever! Those who participated received a custom post-sale recap email, with stats specific to their assets performance during the sale.  We hope the information was valuable, and we look forward to providing similar recaps for future sales.

June Promotion

In June, we had a month-long promotion providing free assets for users who spend a certain amount on the store.  For $50, they would get InControl for free, and $99 would add Puppet3D.  For users who spent at least $250, they would get those two, plus Behavior Designer, Realistic Engine Sounds - Plus, and Race Track Generator.  This is the first campaign of this type we’ve ever run, and we’re very happy to announce that it was a success.  We saw a huge behavior change among users who signed up to participate in the promotion, helping boost revenue for hundreds of Publishers.

July Promotion

We’re repeating the promotion for July as well.  You can learn about this assets included this month here:

We’re also looking to repeat it for a 3rd and final time in August, ending a summer of promotions.

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