Unity Profile GDPR Updates

We want to ensure our users have complete control of the information they share with us, which is why we want to discuss an upcoming update to user profiles on the Asset Store. To help ensure we remain compliant with upcoming changes to EU data regulations (GDPR), we will be migrating user Asset Store profiles to Unity Connect as a part of an updated Unity Profile.

Unity Profile is the public identity of users within the Unity ecosystem and community services. Public profiles will simply be hosted on Unity Connect. This migration will only impact users who currently use v2.0 of the Asset Store.

To reiterate this will not impact seller profiles or user purchase flows in any way. There will be no change in service for your publisher profile. Unity Profile will simply will consolidate user public profiles on Unity Connect.

With updated Unity Profile users will be able to:

  • Log in once and access all Unity services from the developer dashboard.
  • Manage privacy and security settings in a single central location.
  • Plug into Unity Connect community, a community hub, where users can engage with other creators from across the globe.


This is the first step of a long term process which will take place over the course of this year to provide users seamless access to all Unity community services and enhanced privacy and security settings.

Privacy is vital to us, so by default migrated profiles will also be set to private, meaning they will not be discoverable publicly unless users decide to make their profile public.

For the moment you do not need to do anything. Simply stay tuned for more updates this month about the upcoming launch of Unity Profile.

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