How do I permanently delete my Unity account?


  • I want to permanently delete my account and remove all data Unity has for me




You can request to delete your account from the Account Management section at Follow these steps:

1. Click My Account on the left-hand side of the page.


2. Click Settings.

3. Scroll down the page. Under Account Management, click Request to Delete Your Account.


A window appears detailing how to delete your account, alongside important information about the process.  


To delete your Unity ID immediately, click Delete account.

4. A window appears to confirm the deletion of your account. Fill out the requested information, then on the confirmation step click Delete


This immediately deletes your account and erases all your information from our records.

If you have any open or recent purchases on your account, your account deletion would not be immediately processed. Instead, a dialogue box will appear for you to refer this to our DPO team with an option to include a message which is sent to

This team will then manually process your deletion within 30 days, unless there are any issues that arise with your request in which they would then contact you directly to discuss this further.

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    Christian Hamann Casey

    this is hopeless! I need to talk to some one from unity support... personally!! and I can not fins any phone number!!

    I don´t care about unity´s robot-answers!

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    G Gh

    dear team,

    I kindly ask you to stop charging me for а service I asked to remove (and you confirmed that!) in Dec-2018!.
    Please be also kind to RETURN ALL the moneys charged from my card AFTER i asked to terminate my account.
    The most recent payment was taken from me just TODAY - that is revolting!
    Thank you,
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    Gary Weinfurther


    I am having the same problem. Unity refuses to delete my account and keeps charging me. Did you ever get a resolution?  If so, how did you do it?




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    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for contacting us. Apologies for the inconvenience with your account. 

    Since you have created a ticket with us recently, I will help you with your deletion request internally. 

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