As an Owner of an Organization, How do I assign Roles to members?


  • How can I assign a Role to a user in my Organization?
  • I want to change the Role of an existing member in my Organization.


If you are the Owner or Manager of an Organization, you might want to assign roles to members in your Organization so that they can perform new actions, such as creating a new project, assigning new and existing members seats to use, and assigning roles.  

Note: Only a member with Owner status in an Organization can change other members to Owner status.


To assign new roles to members of your Organization, use the Unity ID account dashboard if you are an Owner or Manager in the Organization.

To assign a role to a user, follow see the following steps:

1. Sign into your Unity account at

2. Click Organizations, then select the Organization name.

3. Under the heading Members & Groups, click See All (as shown in the screenshot below):


4. On the following page, click the 'Members' tab which will show all members of that Organization you are viewing.


5. On the far right-hand side of the page, click the Edit button (the Pencil icon):


6. On the final page, under the Edit Member section, click the Organization role drop-down box (as shown in the screenshot below). Select the new role, then click Save.



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