How do I invite a new User/Member to my Organization?


  • How can I add new members to my Unity Organization?
  • I want to add a new user to my Organization
  • I want to assign a Unity licence to another user in my team.


If you are the Owner or Manager of an Organization, you might want to add new users/members to your Organization to work on a project. 


To add new users to your Organization, you need to be an Owner or Manager in the Organization. If your status is User, you need to speak to an Owner or Manager of your Organization to add the new user. 

To add a user, follow these steps:

1. Sign into your Unity account at

2. Click Organizations, then the Organization name.

3. Under the heading Members & Groups, click See All:


4. Then click Add Members:


5. On this page, enter the new user's email address in the text box, choose their role in the Organization, then click Next. You can add multiple addresses here if you need to.

6. On the final page, check that all email addresses and assigned roles are correct, then click Invite members.

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