How do I renew my subscription?


  • I have finished my 12-month subscription and am now in 'flexible' status
  • I want to immediately renew my current subscription for another 12 or 24 months


When Plus and Pro subscriptions expire, they go into 'flexible' status. You need to renew for another 12 or 24 months.


If you are the billable user of a Unity Organization, you can use your account settings dashboard to renew your current flex status Plus or Pro subscription for another 12 or 24 months. Note that for Plus subscriptions you can only renew for 12 months at a time. 

You can choose to pre-pay your subscription, or pay in monthly instalments. See the following steps on how to do this:

1. Sign into your Unity account associated with the subscription at

2. Click on Organizations, then select the name of the Organization which contains the subscription you wish to renew. 

3. Under the Subscriptions heading, click on 'Manage' (the cog icon).

4. On the following page click the Subscriptions tab. The following page appears:


On the Subscriptions tab page, there are four renewal options: 

  • Monthly
  • 1 year, paid monthly
  • 1 year, prepaid
  • 2 years, prepaid

Immediate Renewal of your subscription:

The Subscriptions tab offers two renewal start date options: Immediate or Scheduled.Screen_Shot_2018-04-09_at_13.12.50.png

Scheduled Renew: Choose this renewal option to renew your subscription when your initial 12-month commitment period comes to an end. 

Immediate Renew: Choose this renewal option to immediately renew your subscription. If you select this, you make your payment as soon as you click Save. Use Immediate Renewal if you need to make immediate changes to your subscription (for example, increasing the number of seats added to your current Organization/subscription). 

In the renewal options, you can also choose to increase or decrease the number of seats you currently have. For example, you might have new members and need to add additional seats.


Once you have selected your renewal and seat options, click Save at the bottom of the page to move to the payment page.

More Information

For information on disabling automatic renewal on your subscription, see the Unity Knowledgebase article How Do I Stop My Subscription From Auto-Renewing?




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