How do I create a Asset Store Publisher account?


  • How do I create an Asset Store Publisher account?
  • I want to become an Asset Store Publisher, where do I submit content?


If you are new to creating content for the Asset Store or starting out with Asset Store publishing, you will first need to create an Asset Store Publisher account. Creating a Publisher account will grant you with the ability to submit to submit your content and Assets to the Asset Store for sale.


To create a Publisher account, first, head over to the following page.

Once you have created your Account, you can choose your Publisher name and change account information from the 'Info' on the right-hand side of the Publisher dashboard toolbar as shown below.



For next steps with Asset Store Publishing, see this page for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

More Information

For more information on how to join the Asset Publisher forums, please see the following article.


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  • 1
    john austin

    all help leads to the same page that just says

    No Access

    You are not registered as an Asset Store Publisher.

    I know that i came here to freaking create one

    i want to create a publisher account but it seems to be a run around all roads lead to a page that doen't offer a way to create the account

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