How do I register a test device?


  • I have published my game and wish to test our ad integration.
  • I want to enable my device for testing.


You have a phone or tablet (iOS or Android) that you would like to register as a test device for testing your own game.

Unity allows users to add test devices to their organizations to avoid monetizing via their own phones and tablets. This allows you to test your ad integration with your own devices should you need to.


1. Go to the Unity Ads dashboard and log in to your account.

2. Select Test Devices.

3. Enter your device's name into the first input field.

4. Enter your IDFA (ID For Advertising) into the second input field.

Note: See the More Information section at the bottom of this article for help on finding the IDFA for your device.

5. Click the Register device button.

6. The new test device will now appear below the form.

More Information

See this guide for information on how to find your IDFA (ID For Advertising).

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