How do I enable a device for testing?

You can register an iOS or Android phone or tablet as a test device to test your Unity Ads integration without monetizing the device.

1. On the Developer Dashboard, select the Operate tab.

2. Select Ad Data Export Test Devices from the left navigation bar.


3. Enter your device's name into the first input field.

4. Enter your IDFA (ID for advertising) into the second input field. For more information on locating your device's IDFA, review this guide.

For more information, see our monetization Dashboard guide.

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    Hung So Park


    The left navigation  bar of this Monetization is different from that of Unity 2017.3.1f1 .

    My opinion is that it should be revised.

    Thank you.


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    @Hung So Park,

    Thanks for letting us know. I have now updated the article.

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    Karan Kapoor

    The guide you reference to get the IDFA refers to an android app which does not provide the IDFA for my device.

    I found few other apps that do.

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