Using an Aspect Ratio Fitter causes my Scene to be marked as dirty


  • The root canvas in my Scene has an Aspect Ratio Fitter added onto it, which is causing my Scene to be marked as dirty.


The Scene becomes dirty because of the canvas wanting to set the size of its RectTransform. Due to the Aspect Ratio Fitter also changing the size during the initialization, the Scene becomes dirty and leads to an unsaved change. 


You can still use the Aspect Ratio Fitter but need to place a new, empty GameObject below the canvas group. Moving the Aspect Ratio Fitter from the root canvas group to the new, empty GameObject will stop the Scene from being marked as dirty.


More Information

For more information, consult the Unity Aspect Ratio Fitter documentation

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  • 3
    Sean Ferons

    Is this a practical joke? I feel like this is a prank...
    This seems like a bug in Unity and the suggested fix feels like a hacky workaround I'd expect from a user's blog, not from the owners of the source code.

    Also, it doesn't work. It DID stop my scene from being marked as dirty. Cool. But it also made my Aspect Ratio Fitter stop fitting. Bummer. 

  • 2
    Niklas Werner

    This is driving me crazy... constant scene changes, making it a pain to work with git....

  • 0
    Bryson Whiteman

    First time using Aspect Ratio Fitter and it constantly changes the scene. What a nightmare. Crazy that it's been this way for AT LEAST 3 years. Oh Unity...

  • 2

    Same issue on Unity 2019.2.12.

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