My game crashes when loading an AssetBundle that contains a scene


  • There is a crash when you try to load an AssetBundle that contains a scene. This error appears: "InvalidOperationException: This method cannot be used on a streamed scene UnityEngine.AssetBundle.LoadAllAssets (System.Type type) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0"


In Unity 5.3.4p5, it is possible to call LoadAllAssets to load scenes if the AssetBundle is a scene bundle. If you upgrade to 5.3.5p5 however, it will crash or show an error.


It is not necessary to call LoadAllAssets when you load scenes from AssetBundles.

You can check if a bundle is a streamed scene using AssetBundle.isStreamedSceneAssetBundle and avoid to use LoadAllAssets when the AssetBundle contains an scene.

www = new WWW( urlServer + bundleName);

yield return www;

AssetBundle bundle = www.assetBundle;

if ( bundle.isStreamedSceneAssetBundle)


SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync( sceneName , LoadSceneMode.Additive  );

More Information

This article is for Unity version 5.3.5p5.

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