How do I transfer my project to a different Organization?


  • I would like to transfer my project to a different Organization.
  • I am receiving the error "Unable to transfer project to another Organization" when I try to do so.
  • I have Ads, Analytics, and Cloud Build all enabled.


This may be caused by incorrect settings in your project.


To transfer a project to another Organization, you will need to find the settings tab of your project by signing in here.

Note: You will need to be listed as the Owner or Manager of the new Organization.

1. Find the Project that you wish to transfer and click "View".

2. This will take you to the project, from here click the "Settings" tab.

3. From here you can select the organization that you wish to transfer.

Select the new organization and click "Transfer".

If you receive the error message that you are unable to transfer your project to another Organization again at this point, then it is likely that you have Ads enabled for this project. Ads lock the project to this particular Organization and you will need to deactivate it, switch Organizations and re-activate again.

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