The Courseware site gives me a username/password invalid message.


  • I cannot log in to the Courseware link with my Unity ID because I am told my username or password is invalid.
  • Resetting my password does not work.


You may be signing in with an account that does not have access. Alternatively, there is a known error with the site path that can result in this problem. We are investigating this at the moment.


Apologies for the inconvenience. Log into with the account that should have the Courseware access. This takes you directly to the Courseware pages. We recommend that you bookmark that link for future use.

More Information

Note: If your Courseware was included in a Unity Plus, Pro, or Enterprise license purchase, you must assign each of your Courseware users a license seat.

If you purchased your Courseware as a standalone item, this does not apply.

See this article for more.

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